MORE – Money or Respect

“MORE” is a roundbased strategy game for three to twelve players, who will compete against each other to win the election race. The goal of the game is to be the first to reach the position 12/12 (the crown) and in doing so navigating the different stages of a campaign (represented on the board in different colors). These can either help you progress, but also set you back. The two axis of the board represent respect and money. To win the election the two have to be balanced, because to be a successfull politican you always need both. Nobody can retain their moral integrity or just hord the money, if they want to succeed.

Every player starts with four cards, which can be used, to move their pawn forward or hinder other players. There are five different card types: Progression cards, to proceed forward; Contest cards to contest other player’s moves; Attack cards to attack another player directly; Exchange cards to exchange money into respect or vice versa & Instant Play Cards, which trigger random events and can disturb the balance on the board.

The complete game instructions can be downloaded here.

If you want to try out the game, here are the cards and the board (Adobe Illustrator files).

This game was developed by a small group of four as part of a board game design course during one week.

My roles in the project:

Game Design + Visual Design of the game cards

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