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Alvin vs. Monsters


I worked on more than 30+ released HTML-5 games at Flying Sheep, but some games I remember especially. This is one of them!

Alvin vs. Monsters (OT: Alvin gegen die Schleimmonster) was released in 2019 on the TOGGO webgame platform for mobile and desktop alike alongside a new season of Alvin & the Chipmunks. It was developed with custom tools specifically designed to create HTML-5 games for midrange mobile phones and lowend PCs.

The game is an adaptation of the Plants vs. Zombies game concept, which was challanging to adapt for a small budget and tight development schedule. The project had to be completed from concept to release within only two months.

Hence, the design of the game focusses on only a few buildable weapons and traps, that would give the player the possiblity to steadely build up their defences but also use bombs to get out of tight spots. The difficulty progression was achieved by offering 15 levels to play through in sequence that would gradually up the anti in form of tougher enemies spawning more frequently.

Later that year we adapted the game for Playmobil, which even added a boss fights to the mix. Sadly that game is no longer online.

I am specifically proud of this game, because of its high adaptability when it comes to tweaking the game feel via just a few variables: damage, speed and live of the weapons and enemies.

Play it here!

My roles in this project:

  • Game Design
  • Project Management

Game Engine:

  • Internal


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