Border Zone

With the AR-game “Border Zone”, visitors can discover the eventful history of Potsdam’s Park Babelsberg at the time of the division of Germany between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democractic Republic.

The development of the location-based digital game is a cooperation and research project between the Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG) and the Cologne Game Lab. The development of the prototype of the “Border Zone” will be completed at the end of 2021 and will be published in spring 2022 as a free game app. Using smartphone or tablet, players will be able to explore the effects of the border fortifications running through Park Babelsberg on the basis of contemporary witness reports.

Interactive missions, called “Echos” in the game, confront the players with personal fates at the former border. Players will be able to step into the stories protagonists’ footsteps and follow their story along, while deciding which path it will eventually take. Through this the conflict at the core of the division of Germany will be explored.

The aim of the SPSG is to promote a differianted view on the Park’s rich history with this free “Serious Game”, to enable participation and to invite a discourse on how to deal with cultural heritage. The project production is accompanied by a research program, which goal it is to explore how AR-games can be used in the transfer of knowledge and the experience of cultural heritage sides.

My roles in the project:

Project Management & Game Design Concept

I will add the game’s trailer and screenshots here as soon as they are approved.

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