Flying Sheep Studios Projects

Since February 2019 I am working fulltime at Flying Sheep Studios as Project Manager and Game Designer.

Flying Sheep Studios specialises in HTML5 and WebGL game devel­opment, with an extensive track record of high quality cross-platform games, and already developed over 100 games for clients and various brands.

I am responsible for contract work as well as internal projects. Here is a list of all projects I have worked on so far:

Internal Games

Red Panda Surfer Facebook Version (Project Manager, 2019)
Sunrise Roots [Prototype] (Narrative Designer, 2019-2020)

Client Work

Barbies Tortenfabrik (Project Manager)
Ninjago Rückkehr der Oni (Project Manager)
Alvin gegen die Schleimmonster (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Spirit Musik-Galopp (Project Manager + Level Designer)
Paula Alles Schwebt (Project Manager)
Playmobil Unterwasser-Musik (Project Manager + Level Designer)
Die große Wasserschlacht (Project Manager)
Bakugan-Duell (Project Manager)
Alvin auf Monsterjagd (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Ninjago Verbotenes Spinjitzu – Im Niemandsland (Project Manager)
Spirit Luckys Pferdehof (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Playmobil – Die Ritter von Novelmore (Project Manager)
Playmobil – Turmverteidigung (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Woozle Goozle Verrückte Erfinderwerkstatt (Project Manager)
Angelo Mega Skate (Project Manager)
Tom & Jerry Raketenmaus (Project Manager)
Schneeballschlacht (Project Manager)

Go Wild! Abtauchen (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Zig & Sharko Ballerburg (Project Manager + Game Designer)
Bakugan – Die große Schlacht (Project Manager)
Paula Hochsprung (Project Manager + Game Designer)

A selection of our client work can be played on our website portfolio directly in the browser:

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