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Enclosed Encounter

Enclosed Encounter is a VR puzzle adventure game developed by Fantastic Foe where you balance single-handedly running a secret research facility with surviving your otherworldly pet’s immense abilities. It’s a facility management version of Job Simulator morphed into survival puzzles like I Expect You To Die through a dangerous pet-game twist.

The game is set in the late 80s in an alternate reality, where most of Europe is under the rule of an advanced corporate authoritarian regime, the Conglomerate of National Interests (CNI). You play as Jakob, an idealistic young technician left all alone to maintain a decommissioned secret facility monitoring an unstable anomaly. Unfortunately, on your watch, the anomaly collapses and a powerful otherworldly creature emerges. As the creature trusts no other being, you are now forced to run deadly experiments on it in an attempt to harness its power.

Spending time with the creature and naming it Barnabas, you eventually become attached to it as it loves you unconditionally. This forces you to question the choices of the CNI and realise that you’re on the wrong side of the narrative. Finally, you must collaborate with Barnabas to sabotage and escape the facility.

My roles in the project:

  • Project Management

Game Engine:

  • Unreal Engine

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