Flying Sheep Studios – 2 Years, 34 Games


I worked at Flying Sheep Studios as Project Manager and Game Designer from 2019 till 2021.

Flying Sheep Studios specialises in HTML5 and WebGL game devel­opment, with an extensive track record of high quality cross-platform games.

I was mainly responsible for contract work as well as for our internal projects. During my time at the studio I was involved in the full production of over 30 games. Here is a list of all projects I have worked on:

Internal Games

Red Panda Surfer Facebook Version (Project Manager, 2019)
Sunrise Roots [Prototype] (Narrative Designer, 2019-2020)
Cyberpunk Ninja Runner (Project Manager, 2020)
Ball Kickers [Prototype] (Concept Designer, 2021)

Client Work

The following is a list of the games we developed for SRTL – Toggo and in which I was involved (exclusively those in which I was involved from the beginning till the end of production). Unfortunately you can no longer directly link to the games, but you can find them on the Toggo’s games page here:



  • Go Wild! Abtauchen (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Zig & Sharko Ballerburg (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Ninjago Prime Empire – Das große Rennen (Project Manager)
  • Bakugan – Die große Schlacht (Project Manager)
  • Paula Hochsprung (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Spirit – Schneller Ritt (Project Manager)
  • Paulas großes Rennen (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Transformers Mission Vollgas (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Power Rangers – Verteidiger des Grids (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • Hesherball Multiplayer (Project Manager + Game Designer)
  • 100% Wolf – Endless Runner (Project Manager)


  • Bakugan Feuerkraft (Project Manager)
  • Zig & Sharko Ballerburg Multiplayer (Project Manager)

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