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Flying Sheep Studios – 2 Years, 34 Games


I worked at Flying Sheep Studios as Game Designer and Project Manager from 2019 till 2021.

Flying Sheep Studios specializes in HTML5 game devel­opment, with an extensive track record of high quality cross-platform games.

I was responsible for contract work as well as for our internal project: Writing design documents, creating balance sheets and building levels while at the same time making time estimations, managing ongoing projects and talking to clients.

During my time at the studio I was involved in the full production of over 30 games, most of them being casual or hyper-casual games, with the average development time for each of them being between 2-3 months.

Die große Wasserschlacht

These games ranged from multiplayer arena shooters like “Die große Wasserschlacht“, simple beat ’em ups like “Power Rangers“, io-like rampage games, where the player can level whole cities like in “Bakugan – Die große Schlacht“, care for your horse games like “Spirit – Luckys Pferdehof” and tactical games inspired by Plants vs. Zombies in form of “Alvin gegen die Schleimmonster“.

Spirit – Luckys Pferdehof

Here is a list of all projects I have worked on:

Internal Games

Client Work

The following is a list of the games we developed for SRTL – Toggo and in which I was involved from beginning till end.




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