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Player Agency in Audience Gaming

in: Beil, B./Freyermuth, G. S./Schmidt, H. C. (Eds.):
Paratextualizing Games. Bielefeld 2021, pp. 165-180.

Written together with Can Mert Bozkurt


Tracing the Past with Digital Games.
Historical Procedural Rhetorics

in: Lorber, M./Zimmermann, F. (Eds.): History in Games.
Contingencies of an Authentic Past. Bielefeld 2020, pp. 93-114.


Designing Rituals Instead of Ceremonies.
The Meaningful Performance
of Violence in Video Games

in: Alvarez Igarzábel, F./Debus, M./Maughan, C.L. (Eds.):
Violence | Perception | Video Games. Bielefeld 2019, pp. 93-104.

Written together with Alex Boccia


Kloster Wienhausen Band 1.
Geschichte und Kunst

Wienhausen 2014

ISBN: 978-3-9816588-0-4

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