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Liberalism and its Limits in Mafia 2
“The Working Man is a Sucker,
that’s for sure”

CEEGS 2023: Meaning and Making of Games, Leipzig

Decay and the Practice of Historiography in Kentucky Route Zero

Video Game Cultures 2023 – Exploring New Horizons, Klagenfurt

Micro budgets, Agility
and the Need for Rigid Planning

Devcom 2023 – Cologne, Germany

Playing with Theory.
The Influence of Historical Theory
on Historical Game Design

Digra 2023 Seville Workshop – Re-Playing with History: Revisiting Historical Games Studies

Between rigorous planning
and agile development.
Finding the right project management system for your game

Baltic Dev Days 2023, Kiel

Developing entertaining games
based on political history
and government funding

The Interactive Pasts Conference 3, Leiden


Player Agency in Audience Gaming

together with Can Mert Bozkurt

Clash of Realities Conference 2019, Cologne

Game Studies Summit: Paratextualizing Games

Publication based on the talk can be found here.


Designing Rituals
Instead of Ceremonies.
The Meaningful Performance
of Violence in Video Games

together with Alex Boccia

Clash of Realities Conference 2018, Cologne

Young Academics Workshop: Reframing the violence and video games debate

Publication based on the talk can be found here.

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