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Zig & Sharko Ballerburg

I worked on more than 30+ released HTML-5 games at Flying Sheep, but some games I remember especially. This is one of them!

Zig & Sharko Ballerburg was released in 2020 on the TOGGO webgame platform for mobile and desktop alike alongside a new season of Zig & Sharko. It was developed with custom tools specifically designed to create HTML-5 games for midrange mobile phones and lowend PCs.

This game started out as singleplayer game and was requested as a Worms-like game, but we only had again about two months to build it. This of course provided us with a challenge of creating something that was remiscent of the look and feel of Worms but couldn’t be as complex.

We came up with the idea of having the series’ two main characters battle each other by shooting projectiles at their respective sand castles destroying them in the process, thus creating the typical map descruction we all know from Worms games. We then introduced a range of wacky weapons, added an island and a wind system to make each shot a challange and voila, it was done.

However, this was not the end: A few months later, we had to adapt the game into a multiplayer game that could be played within under a minute per round. This lead to the reduction of the weapon selection system, that was previously embeded in a shop and enabled to player to buy increasingly heavy weapons the longer a round went on. Instead, weapons are now randomly chosen in between rounds by a wheel of furtune and players can shoot at the same time.

This was a typical example of how we had to work around not-ideal requirements to revamp a singleplayer game into a multiplayer within just one months.

Play it here!

My roles in this project:

  • Game Design
  • Project Management

Game Engine:

  • Internal


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