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I worked on more than 30+ released HTML-5 games at Flying Sheep, but some games I remember especially. This is one of them!

LaserBrawl was released in 2023 on the TOGGO webgame platform for mobile and desktop alike. It was developed with custom tools specifically designed to create HTML-5 games for midrange mobile phones and lowend PCs.

This game is actually only the latest iteration of a long list of multiplayer games, we developed at Flying Sheep with our signature Droplet characters for more than 5 years. In 2019, we developed we called the Water Brawler (OT: Die große Wasserschlacht). This was fastpaced 3v3 multiplayer arena brawler developed in the span of only three months. In the following months and years we would develop a winter mode for the game, as well as continuesly add new outfits and even game modes.

However, in 2023 the tech the game was running on had become quite old, so we were tasked with rebuilding the game with our overhauled webgame engine and introduce a whole new look for the game. While the Water Brawler was friendly colored and intended be reminiscent of a water bomb fights, LaserBrawl was reworked into a setting more akin to a lasertag arena. Additionally the tempo of the game was just so slightly increased.

With the lauch of LaserBrawl another dream of mine has also come to fruition: For the longest time, I wanted to introduce true seasonal events into the Water Brawler games and LaserBrawl now finally supports this. So this is hopefully just the beginning for LaserBrawl 🙂

My roles in this project:

  • Production Lead

Game Engine:

  • Internal
laserbrawl01 laserbrawl02 laserbrawl05 laserbrawl03 laserbrawl04

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