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40+ Released HTML-5 Games


I worked at Flying Sheep Studios as Game Designer and Project Manager from 2019 till 2021, and Lead Producer from 2022 till 2024. Flying Sheep Studios specializes in HTML5 game devel­opment, with an extensive track record of high quality cross-platform games.

As a game designer and project manager, I was responsible for contract work as well as for our internal projects: Writing design documents, creating balance sheets and building levels while at the same time making time estimations, managing ongoing projects and talking to clients.

In my years as lead producer, I was the production lead for our largest internal project, Star Life. In this function, I was working with our management to double the size of our team from 15 to 30 people and was responsible to establish the necessary project and multi-team structure to support this growth.

I also oversee the the production of all remaining client projects and am responsible to allocate resources as needed between projects and clients while providing guidance for the project managers directly working with client projects for brands like Dreamworks, Lego, Disney et al.

So far, I was involved in the full production of over 40 games, most of them being casual or hyper-casual games, with the average development time for each of them being between 2-3 months, while also working on larger internal prototypes with production cycles between 6 months and one year.

Die große Wasserschlacht

These games are ranging from multiplayer arena shooters like “Die große Wasserschlacht“, simple beat ’em ups like “Power Rangers“, io-like rampage games, where the player can level whole cities like in “Bakugan – Die große Schlacht“, care for your horse games like “Spirit – Luckys Pferdehof” and tactical games inspired by Plants vs. Zombies in form of “Alvin gegen die Schleimmonster“.

Spirit – Luckys Pferdehof

Here is a list of all released projects I have worked on:

The world of HTML-5 / Web-Games is a fast moving one. I’m sorry if one of the links is not working anymore. Please drop me quick message via the contact form and I will replace it as soon as possible.

If the game is not linked it sadly means that it is no longer available.

A few games, I am specifically fond on I highlighted with their own portfolio page. Their links will redirect to the portfolio page first and you will find the link to the game in there.

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